Issue Commentary

Restore Jury Nullification in South Carolina

Jury Box with "Power to the Jury" caption.

Nullification is the citizens’ final bulwark against an oppressive state, whether that oppression takes the form of unfair or unduly harsh laws, a biased or vindictive judge, or abusive or politically motivated prosecution. In a very real sense it is the only reason juries even exist. Jury nullification arose as protection against the whims of the king, but there is no less need of it today. In fact, if anything it has now become even more important. Preventing nullification is like bypassing a fuse: it removes a critical check on the abuse of the powerless.

Judicial Selection Process Practically Begs for Corruption

The process for selecting judges in South Carolina is the best possible approach—if you're a powerful legislator prone to corruption, that is. Our state's legislators—three in particular—wield far too much power over the judicial system, predisposing it to all manner of conflict of interest, miscarriage of justice, favoritism, cronyism, and all to their own benefit at the expense of the people they claim to represent.

Policing for Profit - A Libertarian View of Civil Asset Forfeiture

Civil asset forfeiture—a practice in which police confiscate money and other property from persons merely suspected of crimes—is regularly abused all across the country, routinely harming innocent individuals and depriving them of the very resources they need to prove their innocence and win their property back.

Libertarian Reviews South Carolina's Medical Marijuana Bills

Marijuana with Prescription

Comparison of S.212 and H.3128 (medical marijuana bills)

By Laird Minor of Greenville County