Sandy Hook Elementary - Newtown, Connecticut and the Ghosts of 9-11

For Immediate Release: 12/16/12
South Carolina Libertarian Party

Victor Kocher, Chairman
Timothy Moultrie, Press Secretary

Sandy Hook Elementary - Newtown, Connecticut and the Ghosts of 9-11

We all feel the acid hollow in the pit of our gut about the child murders at Sandy Hook. For many, the reflexive response is to lash out at the Second Amendment, guns of all types, and gun owners. This is misguided.

For Libertarians, our horror is mixed with a heavy dose of frustration. Lost to time and memory are the 8 children and 11 pregnant women who died on 9-11. This is only one child’s soul shy of the number of children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary. What was lost on this dreadful day is the fact the police, SWAT, and first responders at Sandy Hook saved exactly no one.

In the wake of 9-11, many of us learned for the first time the airlines were forbidden by law for providing for their own security. The deaths of more than 2500 Americans and nearly 400 foreign nationals from more than 90 countries showed it was a terrible decision. Yet this remains the law in the vast majority America’s public schools.

Threats of punishment are irrelevant to the murderously suicidal. We all know if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. The 60,000 deaths at the bloody hands of Mexican cartels in the US-Mexico borderlands bear this out.

Libertarians offer a reasonable solution to ill-conceived laws and government platitudes promising, but forever failing, to deliver physical security for ourselves and our children. Grant us the freedom to legally protect our children.

South Carolina is a concealed carry state. In one of Columbia’s flagship schools, there are half dozen trained men and women, teachers and administrators, who are Concealed Weapons Permit holders. In some schools the number of CWP holders exceeds 20 or more.

No one is better prepared and positioned to protect our children than the very people who have devoted their lives to our children’s care and education. Banks protect themselves with armed guards. Junkyards protect junked cars with fences, attack dogs, and guns. Surely, the life of a child is more valuable than a bank’s dollar or a rusty old car. We should insure their protection. It makes no sense for our nation or our state to institutionalize the victimization of our children.

Victor Kocher, Chairman of the SCLP said, “Today’s irrational government policy rolls out the Red Carpet for mass murderers. In its attempt to create pleasant sounding but an empty sense of security, the law has essentially said ‘Welcome to yet another Government-Mandated Defenseless-Victim Zone. Happy Hunting!’ ”