Tips for Candidates

Tips for running a Libertarian campaign. There are plenty of reason to quit--DON'T!


- Eat well! Take someone with you to eat noxious food offered to you, like meat. Food taken by you and consumed by the volunteer at your side is as good as food you ate yourself people will like you for it. "Don't eat in the suit," though, because dry-cleaning bills can cripple your campaign!

- Have an entourage when you go to events or places to meet voters at least three is best, one to never leave your side, and others to 'peel off you' to talk to people along your path at an event, to collect contact info from interested people, etc.

- A lot happens between 6pm and 2am, so managing your sleep cycle is extremely important. A lot of your voters are in bars. Go bar to bar at night to reach people who will vote for you another person to go with the candidate is CRITICAL in those situations

- Maintain your family you need their support. Keep track of your sleep, and schedule it like you do appointments seven hours a day, unless you've learned that more or less is better for you.

- Have a plan in case you don't win. Sounds silly, but don't spend all your money, make sure you have some energy to pick up the pieces in your life afterwards.

-Have a plan in case you do win. It is also a good platform issue on what you will do when elected.

-A month before the election, don't plan on being able to work a full-time job. 75% of your money should be spent in the last month before the election.

- Start fundraising a year before your election. Ask BIG and tell them why you need it. Run to win.

- Mental attitude is key. Get a volunteer to call you every day to say something encouraging. If they had a criticism of something she'd done on the campaign trail the day before, they would say something nice first, voice the criticism tactfully, and then end with another compliment.

- Target voters only! What is a voter? If they don't live in your district, they are not a voter as far as you're concerned. If they are not-registered, they are not a voter, simultaneously do voter registration. A good question to ask to elicit this information is "Did you vote for (incumbent) or (that other guy) in the last election?" However, there are many non-voters who will work for you, maybe even long hours, so be on the lookout for them and don't alienate anyone. Smile at everyone, even if they say outrageous, insulting things. Festivals are 90% non-voters a very important place to have an entourage for the candidate.

- The backbone of your campaign is the volunteers. Stroke them, make them happy. Offer volunteers anything you can give them at no or extremely low cost, like healthy food and t-shirts with your name and picture. How to get them? Let everyone you know, know that you're running, for which office, that you need their help, and that you expect to win. They won't help if they think you might drop out of the race half-way. Some of the most valuable supporters would give signs at cost, copies at one cent per page. People to drive you places, gas money is a donation, too. Accept anything someone thinks is valuable enough to offer you.

- You need to organize your volunteers, which is a separate role from that of your campaign manager. Door-to-door campaigning is a must and needs an organization.

- Run to win. Make sure you're getting what you paid for ads and signs posted.

-You really need to start three years before the election because you have no budget to quickly raise awareness of yourself. Knock door-to-door and tell people you're running. Just meet folks and tell them you're running.

- Fundraisers are ineffective unless you have rich friends. Otherwise, just ask for money from people, don't go through the motions and risk losing money on the fundraiser. The money is better spent rewarding your volunteers directly with t-shirts and campaign trinkets--or tips for drinks for them (you can't possibly have a drink at every bar you need to visit, but you don't want to offend the bartenders).

-You really need to start three years before the election if you have no budget to quickly raise awareness of yourself. Knock door-to-door and tell people you're running. Just meet folks and tell them you're running.

- Run in the primary, campaign even if you are unopposed. Spend on ads, billboards in your district, yard signs, window signs, radio ads, TV ads, etc. Run a couple ads a week building up to the race. Start early enough.

- What to wear? You'll need to spend money. Look like a politician even though you are a Statesman. Personal appearance is important. Borrow clothes if you can, but otherwise, take someone with you to buy for a second opinion.
Election Day

- You need pollwatchers, and a lawyer or two in your pocket, just in case.

- The candidate MUST go to visit the polls on Election Day. Be seen, and witness irregularities. Meet the poll workers it will prevent irregularities in the vote.