Shared custody bill pushed by Libertarian dad and candidate Jeremy Walters to become law

Shared custody bill, H4614 was just passed by the SC House and Senate and will now go on to Governor Haley's desk. H4614, a shared custody bill that Libertarian SC House 26 candidate Jeremy Walters has been pushing for months, will make it more likely that children in SC will be able to spend more time with two parents instead of one.

Here We Go Again!

Elections 2012 are coming and here we are continuing down the slippery slope to destruction. I just saw a poll that says 55% chance a Republican will be elected President and 35% chance a Democrat will be elected President. The numbers vary but it doesn’t matter 90% of the people are going to do the same thing that has been done the last 150+ years and are expecting something different. Is that not the definition of stupidity? We have allowed politicians from both these parties destroy our constitution.

Comments about Occupy

The "99%" occupy movements seem to be searching for something. I have to ask are they searching for Freedom or Socialism. A few years ago, last millennium (1970) I was asked to join a protest on a college campus in Northeast Ohio. We were protesting for Freedom. The Freedom to not be Drafted and forced to fight and die in an illegal war. How did the government handle that protest? 4 dead and 9 wounded. If you know our history, which I question is still being taught in schools, 19 year olds, the normal draft age, could not vote. What a captive group the government had to exploit.



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